05 September 2017

August update and September goals

Well, all the best laid plans etc...

Back in early July, I decided to part exchange my campervan and buy something bigger. The main reason for this was because I could no longer fit my youngest two constantly growing teens into the roof of the van anymore, plus as they are different sexes, they obviously no longer wanted to share such an enclosed space. After some hunting, I found the perfect 'home' for us. A 1990 Autohomes Travelhome. A four berth motorhome which saw me go back ten years in registration from my Bongo. I ended up paying £1000 on top of the value of the Bongo.

Throughout July and August I have been haemorrhaging money fixing her up and getting her to a good standard. I had a habitation check done, fixed various items within the 'house' part, repainted, laid new kitchen surface, had a complete service done, bought new accessories, including an awning, she now has a new (reconditioned) cooker installed, a full gas bottle and a new cam-belt and water pump. There is still a long list of things I want to do to her, but for now she is camp-ready. I have since taken her on three trips away and have loved every minute in Bella Bird.

Bella Bird

The downside to all this splurging is that my cash savings took a big hit, plus I didn't save anything new in July or August. However, my savings rate will be back to normal for September and I have already paid my monthly amount to both Funding Circle and Property Moose for this month.

I also started match betting at the end of June and my profit so far is a touch under £800. Result.

Other big news is that after a small break between jobs while I was waiting for my DBS to arrive, I am now back working full-time as a carer and it is so nice to have that fortnightly wage back again (and a new works pension).

Goals for September:

Save my full planned amount this month. £1080 spread between P2P, S&S ISA, regular saver and my personal pension. Any leftovers will be swept into my ISA at the end of the month.

Hoping to reach the £1000 mark by the end of September in matched betting profits, which is my targeted 'bankroll'. Anything I earn over and above this will be withdrawn as a wage and directed into my motorhome fund to pay for all remaining work to be done on Bella. This way, my motorhome expenses will be funded purely by matched betting profits and not come from my wages.


  1. A very positive post - trips away in new campervan, big matched betting profits and new job - congrats and well done! A great way to use your matched betting profits too so you're not out of pocket from your normal salary!

    1. Thanks Weenie! Just getting started on the MB, loads of sign up offers left to do, so should be able to steadily build my bank. As long as I can bring in a few hundred a month it will be more than enough to fund the motorhome:)